The great, unique and most desirable hunting  trip in Spain that will let you collect the all 4 subspecies of Spanish ibex.

For the ibex slam we normally plan 14 days, we will be driving throughout  Spain. Its history, beauty, gastronomy, culture and the different  landscapes that we will be passing through will make you enjoy the trip(  it´s a gorgeous hunting & sightseeing combination trip), while driving  from place to place in order to reach the all 4 ibex locations, for hunting  them in their natural and native habitats.

We recommend to come on the rutting time  If you will add the 2 chamois ( Cantabrian & Pyrenean )to the ibex grand  slam, you will collect 6 of the 12 Capra World Slam, as well as you could  say you have done the Spanish Capra Slam.